bromine recovery

We form a combination of Chemical Engineers in the field of Process Engineering and its application in the glass equipment/process packages.

DESIGN AND SUPPLY OF VARIOUS UNITS as per the client`s requirement are as under:

1. Absorption systems for gases such as HCl, Cl2, SO2, and HBr. NH3, Br2, NOx, etc.
2. Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation Unit by different routes viz.
– Sulphuric Acid Route – Boiling Route – Calcium Chloride Route – Cyclic Route
3. HBr Gas Generator (By Boiling Route)
4. Sulphuric Acid Dilution Units.
5. Hypochlorite Manufacturing Units
6. MCA Condensation Assembly
7. Distillation – Conversion of Batch Process to Continuous Process.
8. Solvent Recovery
9. Iodine Recovery
10. Raw DCB Plant.

KNOW-HOW WITH PLANT for the following products :

1. Bromine recovery from industrial waste/salt bittern
2. Nitric Acid Concentration.
3. Sodium Hypochlorite