PreciousMetalRefining 1

Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. is the first ISO 9001 Industrial Glass Process Equipment Manufacturing Company in India of high reputation and goodwill.

The Glass offered by us is made from High-Quality Borosilicate Glass 3.3 ( Duran/Pyrex)

Borosilicate glass is inert to almost all materials.

Due to which it is now widely used in Precious Metal Refining Industry.

Borosilicate Glass is the only material which doesn’t absorb precious metals. Its transparency allows ease of visualization & smooth surface allows ease of cleaning.

We have supplied various capacity glass assemblies in precious metal refinery for Aqua Regia solution.

Our Glass Container/Vessel are also used as dissolution, precipitator and separator for Gold /silver/ platinum recovery with Aqua Regia / Hydrazine solution.

Filter Unit

Filter Unit 1

The fumes generated by Aqua Regia in a gold refining process are toxic. We design & offer suitable capacity Glass Scrubber Unit for removal of Nox Fumes.

We also offer Glass Filter Unit on wheels for removing of precious metal from the Aqua Regia solution.

Nitric Acid Boiling Apparatus

NitricAcidBoilingApparatus 1

Nitric Acid Boiling Apparatus with condenser for Laboratory testing is also available with us.
Vacuum Tubes ( VPT 111 ) for removal of samples from the batch are also manufactured by us.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. form a combination of chemical engineers in the field of process engineering and its application who can assist you in designing equipment as per your Refinery process Requirement.