adaptor bellow flanges

Adaptor bellow flange are used to fit a bellow to a flange having different bolt configuration. These flanges are made of cast iron and are supplied with a split ring.

These are particularly used to fit a bellow with a non-glass equipment like Glass-lined Reactor etc. These are used in FBF, VBF type PTFE bellows.

Adaptor bellow flanges are generally supplied undrilled. However, if specified, these can be supplied drilled as per “Table E”, “Table F” and “ASA150” standards.

Undrilled flangesDrilled to Table E
Cat.Ref.DNDD1D2LCat.Ref.pcdn x dØ
 BFA1*2511543517 BFA1/E824 x 12Ø
 BFA1.5*4015058667 BFA1.5/E984 x 12Ø
 BFA2*5016570817 BFA2/E1144 x 16Ø
 BFA3*802001011127 BFA3/E1464 x 16Ø
 BFA4*1002201341488 BFA4/E1788 x 16Ø
 BFA6*1502851861968 BFA6/E2358 x 16Ø
 BFA9*2253952602828 BFA9/E32412 x 19Ø
 BFA1230044534236310 BFA12/E40612 x 19Ø

Drilled to Table FDrilled to ASA 150
Cat.Ref.pcdn x dØCat.Ref.pcdn x dØ
 BFA1/F874 x 16ØBFA1/A794 x 16Ø
 BFA1.5/F1054 x 16ØBFA1.5/A984 x 16Ø
 BFA2/F1274 x 16ØBFA2/A1214 x 19Ø
 BFA3/F1658 x 16ØBFA3/A1658 x 16Ø
 BFA4/F1908 x 16ØBFA4/A1908 x 16Ø
 BFA6/F26012 x 19ØBFA6/A2418 x 19Ø
 BFA9/F35612 x 23ØBFA9/A2988 x 19Ø
 BFA12/F43812 x 23ØBFA12/A43212 x 23Ø

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