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Packing supports Type A are made of fused glass rods. Packing supports Type B (heavy duty) are made of glass plates vertically arranged and tied with PTFE tie rods

Cat. Ref.DNLCross Section AreaMax. Load Kgs.Minimum Packing SizeType
 CP6*150 55%3025A


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These are used as packing retainers to prevent the packing from lifting due to vapour velocity. These can be clamped between two components without using any gasket.

Cat. Ref.DNdL


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Support plate assembly can be coupled with a pipe section (PS) , so as to use the pipe section as a column section and to fill packings into it. This system provides following advantages over the conventional system of using column section with a packing support.

1. Higher cross section area.
2.More packing height.
3.No separate inventory of column sections.
4.Delivery period of pipe section are shorter.

This assembly consist of a glass support plate, a metal flange, a PTFE ‘O’ ring and nut-bolts.

Cat. Ref.DNLCrossSection AreaMax. Load Kgs.Suitable Packing Size

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