Glass Couplings

The couplings used with glass equipment are important from two main points of view :

  1. They must ensure the effective seal of the joint.

2. They should not induce any undue stress in the glass.

3. They must be reliable in all service conditions.

In this section, we have covered couplings to join glass components together as well as to join glass components with other metal equipment.

PTFE bellows are available for normal and vacuum applications together with flanges to connect them to glass or non-glass equipment.

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Complete Couplings

Complete Coupling

A complete coupling is a set of two backing flanges with insert and nut bolts. A complete set of flanges require to make a joint & standard one are available in Cast Iron & Mild Steel. Also available in other MOC like Stainless steel 304 & 316, Siliumin, and Bakelite.


Quick Release Coupling

For easy & fast opening or closing of couplings as quickly as possible without using tools, the Quick Release Coupling is an ideal solution. In case of solid charging material to reaction or addition vessels, we recommend using our Quick Release Coupling.


Backing Flanges

Backing flanges are used to couple a glass ends to a glass end or to a bellow. Backing flanges are made of cast iron and are used with Inserts.



Split ring type inserts are used with backing flanges. These are made of Cast iron with asbestos lining. In addition, the insert is made of suitable composite rubber material for 25 DN to 150DN size. New Non-Asbestos (make Champion, Klinger ) insert is being introduced for 25DN to 300DN.

Adaptor backing flanges

Adaptor Backing Flanges

Adaptor backing flanges are used to couple a glass end to the flange having a different bolt configuration. These flanges are made of cast iron and are supplied with inserts.

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PTFE "O" Ring With Locking Collar

These PTFE O rings are specially made to use as gaskets in glass fittings. These are provided with a collar which helps to locate it on the glass end correctly.