ptfe bellows–glass to glass

These bellows are used in installation of glass equipment for following purposes :
1. to provide safe branching of pipelines from the main glass equipment.
2. to accommodate odd degrees and variation in length.

Bellows are supplied alongwith required bellow flanges and nut-bolts. Distance-locking bolts are provided to avoid excessive compression or contraction of the bellow. Gaskets are not required where bellows are used. For drilling details, refer “Bellow flanges”.

Line bellows

These can withstand a temperature of 200 °C under normal atmospheric conditions.


Vacuum Bellows

ptfe bellows–glass to glass2

For pipelines of 80DN and above operating under vacuum, the bellows are provided with an internal sleeve which supports the convolutions without affecting the flexibility of the bellow. These bellows can withstand a temperature of 200 °C under full vacum.

For size up to 50DN, line bellows can be used for these applications.


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