Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter is a game-changer solution that satisfies all exacting filtration requirements in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Manufactured with high-grade glass components, this filter guarantees excellent clarity and sustains the purity of the filtration stage, while withstanding corrosion.

Its distinctive agitation mechanism improves filtration efficiency, optimizes particle separation, and shortens processing time. Designed for versatility, it can process all kinds of materials, from harsh chemicals to sensitive pharmaceutical substances. 

The Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter with its user-friendly interface and robust system helps in overcoming challenging filtration applications. Hence, it is a preferred reliable and easy to use solution for critical filtration processes. 

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Best Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter Manufacturer in the USA

Goel Scientific Glass Inc. is a premier supplier of Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter in USA. As suppliers, we are well-known for the quality of the filters, designed to match the highest standards in the industry. Our innovation and reliability guarantee state-of-the-art custom-made solutions befitting your requirements.

We specialise in offering ready-to-use and customized ready-to-use Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter suitable in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries for a well- integrated and smooth filtration performance

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Agitated Glass Nutsche filters boast several key features that contribute to their effectiveness, which are 

  • Borosilicate glass provides excellent chemical resistance. It allows clear visibility of the filtration process.
  • An integrated stirring mechanism allows uniform mixing of the slurry, enhancing filtration efficiency.
  • The closed system facilitates safe and efficient filtration under vacuum.
  • A replaceable filter cloth allows for the separation of solids from liquids with varying particle sizes.
  • A bottom discharge valve enables convenient removal of the filtered cake.


Agitated Glass Nutsche filters find application in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Crystallization, precipitation reactions, catalyst recovery
  • Isolation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and filtration of sterile solutions
  • Clarification of juices, filtration of syrups, isolation of food additives
  • Sample preparation for water and soil testing
  • Filtering of creams, lotions, and other formulations.
  • Efficient and complete solid-liquid separation possible with rapid motion of the agitation mechanism.


  • It prevents solvent evaporation and exposure to pollutants that contribute to the quality of the product and assures operator safety.
  • Accommodates slurry and media-specific requirements for various applications.
  • The simple design makes the unit easy to operate and maintain.
  • The glass construction with transparent walls enables real-time viewing of the filtration process.

Commercial Uses

Agitated glass tube filters have multifarious commercial usage for diverse industries. They are essential in 

  • Manufacture of prototypes and process development
  • Sample preparation and analysis for quality control laboratories.
  • Production of medicines through isolating and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Chemical processes for recovering reusable catalysts.
  • Effective in separating powdered substances from liquids in various applications.

Nutsche Filter with Automation

Technical Data

The agitated glass Nutsche filter of different sizes and styles has the specifications changing following the model that is being used. 

  • Ranges from a few litres to even more than 100 litres.
  • Borosilicate glass (GG-17) has exceptionally good chemical resistance.
  • Continued operation within a vacuum condition is necessary for safety purposes.
  • It has a resistance to particular temperatures depending on the glass kind.
  • It has a manual or actuated valve to be used for a better cake discharge rate.

Industrial Trends

As one of the leading agitated glass nutsche filter manufacturers in USA, Goel Scientific offers innovation in its products and service. 

The Agitated Glass Nutsche filter segment is constantly changing and its current trends are –

  • The combination of automation and control systems is improving the process consistency and efficiency of agitated glass nutsche filter.
  • Developing a higher draw of high-purity specimens.
  • A trend of modular designs that can fit different configurations and facilitate scalability is needed for a wide range of purposes.
  • The emphasis on the Safety and Environmental Regulations.


How an Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter Works?

The concept of the operation of an agitated glass nutsche filter involves the following processes-

  • Slurry Preparation

The liquid mixture in which the solids are present (slurry) is poured into the glass container.

  • Agitation

The specially designed stirring mechanism integrates and starts operating to obtain the homogeneous mixture of the slurry.

  • Vacuum Application

A vacuum is employed over the system, making the liquid flow through the filter cloth at the bottom of the apparatus.

  • Solid-Liquid Separation

The filter cloth collects the solid while the vessel below collects the clarified liquid (filtrate). 

Why should you choose Goel Scientific for Agitated Glass Nutsche Filters?

As one of the best-agitated glasses nutsche filter suppliers in the USA, Goel Scientific Glass Inc offers the widest ranges of customizable models and sizes. As for the customization, we allow our clients to choose a filter that suits their needs.

We guarantee high standards when producing our filters, the filter assembly consists of borosilicate glass and PTFE for unmatched longevity and chemical resistance. Our Nutsche filter features a clear design for good visibility. The system is closed and the agitation system is faster thus shortening the filtration cycles. 

Goel Scientific Glass Inc. as the best-agitated glass nutsche filter supplier in the USA also puts great emphasis on exceptional customer service. We know the value of flawless operation and that is why we pledge our equipment to your satisfaction.

In case you are looking for an Agitated Glass Nutsche filter, Goel Scientific Inc. is ever ready to serve you 24x7x365 days of the year. Feel free to contact us at any time for queries or to place your orders.

Cat.Ref. Working Vol (ltr) Filter Area (m2) Vessel Dia Vessel height Moter Capacity HP
ANFD10 10 0.03 225 300 0.25/0.5
ANFD20 20 0.06 360 325 0.5
ANFD50 50 0.12 400 450 0.5
ANFD100 100 0.16 450 700 0.5
ANFD200 200 0.31 600 775 1
ANFD300 300 0.31 600 1150 1