Multi Purpose Unit 1

1. Goel Offer multipurpose pilot plant for chemical and pharmaceutical industries for process development, scale-up, process simulation and kiloscale cGMP production in batch and semi-batch operation.

The pilot plant used for chemical processing includes solid charging, liquid charging, reaction, heating / cooling, rectification, auto / manual reflux arrangement,

2. The multipurpose pilot plant designed in such a way that we can modify the same easily as per process requirement.

Pilot Plant Available with:

1. Jacketed full glass reactor/ Cylindrical full glass reactor with Oil heating cooling bath / Spherical full glass reactor with Oil heating cooling bath
2. Multipurpose glass distillation overhead
3. Stainless steel / MS epoxy coated / MS painted frame supporting
4. Flame proof / Non flame proof / cGMP / non GMP models available
5. Excellent corrosion resistant.
6. Temp. Controller.
7. Gas purging, solid charging / multi liquid addition.
8. Vacuum / exhaust piping
9. Additional feeders / receivers
10. Solid feeding

Cat. Ref.
Bath KWAddition
HTA m2
HTA m2
Receiver Size
MPU 2020 L4.52 L80 DN0.350.102L, 5L
MPU 5050 L6.05 L100 DN0.500.205L, 10L
MPU 100100 L9.010 L150 DN1.500.3510L, 20L
MPU 200200 L12.020 L150 DL1.500.3510L, 20L
MPU 300300 L16.020 L225 DL2.500.5020L, 20L

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